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The US and NATO Soldiers were Left without Diapers in Afghanistan

19.01.2012 16:05

The well-armed International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) can not fight without diapers. It was narrated by The News International English-language Pakistani newspaper in the article ?NATO forces suffer from a scarcity of diapers.?

According to Pakistani journalist Ansar Abbasi, the US authorities in December 2011 directed an inquiry to Pakistan requesting to immediately deliver a lot of diapers to the coalition forces in Afghanistan. ?From all appearances, the US militaries during patrolling prefer not to leave their armored vehicles, so as not to expose their lives to danger. And they need diapers for this,? the edition notes.

According to Ansar Abbasi, Washington?s attempts to make peace with the Taliban movement and its founder Mullah Omar suggest the defeat of the coalition forces led by the USA in Afghanistan. ?None other than the US Vice-President Joe Biden has recently surprised the whole world saying that the Taliban is not the United States? enemy.?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Vice President for Policy Planning, National Security and Foreign Affairs, Shireen Mazari made an appeal to the Pakistani government to get a lot of diapers from containers with cargo for ISAF detained on the Pakistani-Afghan border, and to pass them as soon as possible to the American troops in Afghanistan. ?Or let nongovernmental organizations, especially those that are funded by US foundations, buy diapers and give them to the US militaries. This will do good to the Pakistani economy too,? said Shireen Mazari.

?Before Washington accuses us that we are depriving the US soldiers of fundamental human rights, and just out of humanitarian considerations, let us not stand in the way of a US soldier and his diapers,? said the press secretary.

Lack of ISAF forces support was due to Islamabad?s decision to block one of the routes on which the supply of the international coalition troops was carried out. The reason was NATO?s aviation mistaken attack on the soldiers of two border roadblocks of the Pakistan Army in Salala on November 26, 2011, which resulted in death of 24 and wounding of 13 border guards.

The incident sparked a wave of resentment among the population of Pakistan, and the official Islamabad refused to participate in an international conference on Afghanistan in Bonn (Germany). Pakistan also demanded from the USA to evacuate the air base at Shamsi that the US intelligence services used to conduct attacks using unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Pakistani public?s interest aroused by a delicate problem of the American militaries such as scarcity of diapers required to wage war against the Taliban, suggests that Pakistani citizens, despite all the difficulties in relations between Washington and Islamabad bear US soldiers no malice and do not want to impede their ?usual conditions of service.?

However, a video which has recently been posted on the internet showing the US Marines jeering at the bodies of dead Taliban fighters, entitled ?a reconnaissance sniper group together with the Third Battalion Marines near the Lezhein camp urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban fighters,? shows that the US militaries have learnt to cope without diapers.