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May 29 is an Independence Day of South Ossetia

28.05.2012 09:24

On May 29, the Republic of South Ossetia celebrates one of the most important historical dates, the 20th memorial anniversary of the Act of Declaration of Independence of South Ossetia.

The flag proudly streaming in the wind, symbolizes freedom and independence of the people of South Ossetia. The colors of the flag have been well known since the Alan ancient times. The white color symbolizes the spirituality, purity, and wisdom; the red one - the right, power, and courage; the yellow one ? the prosperity, abundance, and wealth. This color gamma is traditional for the Ossetian culture, as a whole it contains the idea of global and social harmony.

The Republic of South Ossetia foundation was a legal, historically and morally justified consequence of the development of political and legal processes in the modern world. Since the beginning of the demise of the Soviet Union, the cancel in Georgia of all legal acts adopted during the Soviet era, in the face of a broad anti-Ossetian campaign, South Ossetia was faced with the need to form its state as the sole means of protection and warranty of rights and freedoms of its people.

An important step in the way of legal registration and statehood of South Ossetia was the adoption on May 29, 1992, by the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of South Ossetia of an Act of declaration of independence of South Ossetia.

At the height of the Georgian military aggression against South Ossetia, basing on right to self-determination, given the expression of popular will at a referendum in 1992, implementing the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Republic of South Ossetia, the Supreme Council solemnly proclaimed the independence of South Ossetia and the establishment of an independent state.

No one could suppose how dangerous and difficult the path to independence would be. But the people firmly believed that there were no other way to achieve justice, to defend the land of their ancestors, to preserve their traditions and culture. The residents of South Ossetia by their heroic struggles and everyday great deeds deserved a better, decent life; even knowing that the price for freedom and independence will be all of their lives, they will never give up their choice.

Long-term fight of the South Ossetian people was completed by recognition of independence of South Ossetia by the Russian Federation and a number of other countries of the world. Today, South Ossetia is a recognized state. The Republic rehabilitates itself after numerous acts of Georgian aggression whose apogee was the events in August 2008. In South Ossetia, the foundations of statehood of a new country have been built, all the necessary structures of state power were created, a legal framework for the democratic processes were provided, processes of revival and restoration of the economy, which was destroyed during the war in August 2008, are under way.

The Republic of South Ossetia seeks to take its rightful place among the recognized countries in the world and Russia renders assistance in so doing, helping to build a peaceful life and providing political support, protecting South Ossetia?s interests at the international level.

The people of South Ossetia have deserved their inalienable right to liberty and independence by every drop of blood spilled, every mother?s tear, every day and night of all these years spent in harsh conditions of blockade, hunger, constant threat of war and fighting for life.