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Pentagon Extends Missile Defense under the Pretext of North Korea’s Threat Containment

23.08.2012 12:48

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Pentagon intends to make a large-scale expansion of its anti-missile defence in Asia, thus, Americans plan to contain the threat posed by North Korea. The edition also notes the missile defense can be used against China too.

For these purposes it is planned to deploy a new early warning radar in one of the southern islands of Japan, and another one - in the South-East Asia region (possibly in the Philippines).

Radar in Japan can be installed in the coming months - the question is under discussion with Tokyo. The U.S. has already installed a similar radar in northern Japan. Radars will allow the U.S. to cover not only North Korea, but to deeper cover the PRC, the newspaper reads.

The U.S. also plans to increase the fleet of ships able to carry antimissile missiles, from the current 26 to 36 by 2018, with more than half of them being deployed in Asia and the Pacific.

Meanwhile, North Korea sees provocation in the U.S. actions. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said that "the U.S. and South Korea's permanent provocative military maneuvers in the Yellow Sea constitute a threat not only to peace and stability in North Korea, but also in the entire North East Asia."

In this regard the President ordered the personnel of the units located in Chzhanchzhe and Mu "to vigilantly monitor the actions of the enemy and strike deadly retaliatory blows, if at least one enemy shell bursts in the region or waters owned by the DPRK."

The Supreme Leader of the DPRK visited the firing positions, ordered to increase the number of warlike equipment on the islands and take measures to thicken up fire "against the military preparations of the nearby enemy". Recall that the South Korean and the U.S. servicemen on August 20 began to conduct the Ulchi Freedom Guardian major joint military exercise that will last until August 31.

The exercise involves 30 thousand American and 56 thousand South Korean soldiers, as well as UN observers from the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway and France.

The Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission representatives are also present. This commission observes a truce concluded between the South and the North of the Korean Peninsula in 1953. This truce has marked the end of hostilities in the Korean War of 1950-1953, but a peace agreement between the two Korean states still has not been concluded.

According to a spokesman of the U.S. and South Korean joint command, the purpose of the exercise is to upgrade the training of the troops. The Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise will mainly use simulators.