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The Georgian opposition: Saakashvili after the elections may launch a war

26.09.2012 10:40

After the parliamentary elections in Georgia, President Mikhail Saakashvili may find an excuse for war with Russia. It was announced by the opposition politician, a former Member of the Georgian Parliament, a member of the European Coordination Council of the Georgian opposition, Levan Pirveli. According to him, the scandal that broke out after the promulgation of facts of prison abuse in one of the Tbilisi prisons has changed the situation in the country.

The politician reminded that Mikhail Saakashvili during Edward Shevardnadze's rule was minister of justice, and it was he who began the reform of the penal system. "Saakashvili began his career by reforming prisons. This system is created by a man named Saakashvili. The team members continued his favourite pursuit. The basic system is a preliminary punishment," said the oppositionist, adding that in the controversial Gldani prison there are not criminals but those who were just waiting for the court verdict.

"Saakashvili's system reposes on the oppression of the Georgian people," he said, adding that under Saakashvili "any undesirable person goes to jail" and now in prisons there are 40 thousand people, while before the Rose Revolution, through which Saakashvili won office, they were only 6000.

The politician explained that Saakashvili has reasons to launch war again. "Provocative moments are already available. At the borders there is a huge concentration of troops. One does not have to be a scout to see all this. So much energy can no be resorbed for no particular reason. This all will lead to something," said the politician, adding that any conflict may be a reason for an attack."

Recall that Georgia's Interior Ministry issued on September 18 some video recordings taken away in prison containing records of humiliating treatment of prisoners in the Gldani prison no. 8. A little later, on the same day, the Georgian social networks and "Maestro" and "Channel 9" TV channels distributed even more brutal footage of torture in the Gldani prison, the source thereof was named a former prison officer, now staying in Belgium. The video recordings have caused public outrage and became an occasion for protests in Tbilisi, and several cities of the country.

The footage of the brutal torture of prisoners has greatly undermined the positions of the authorities before the parliamentary elections ? Saakashvili's team all over the world is known primarily for the reform of law enforcement agencies, which was called unique and effective.

Experts believe that the power has lost in one day about 20% of the vote - and it may well be that the United National Movement will not obtain the constitutional majority in the parliament.

Saakashvili himself, as usual, tried to shift responsibility for the current problems to an external "enemy". In his opinion, video recordings of tortures are compromising materials paid for Russian money and shown on the eve of the elections. "The Russian money wars with us, through Russian ways of a sleaze war, threatening us, rattling weapons at the border, but we decline to be intimidated," he said.

Speaking at the 67th session of the UN General Assembly, Saakashvili called on the international community to prevent "Russia's attempts to influence the elections in Georgia". Meanwhile, the Georgian president's speech at the political debate of the UN General Assembly was accompanied by a protest action demanding his resignation. A protest march in front of the UN headquarters gathered more than 100 people, mostly natives of Georgia, who chanted the slogans: "Saakashvili is a murderer", "Haul up the bandit!"

One of the organizers of the action in front of the United Nations, a native of Georgia, Anton Dzhamadze, called to disbelieve Saakashvili speaking from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly about Georgia that during his rule became "a model of a democratic state", with a low crime and corruption rate.

According to him, the United Nations, the White House and the Pentagon "know whom they are dealing with". "At the moment they shut their eyes. It raises questions why they do so," he added.

Dzhamadze reminded that in Georgia, as well as in some European countries there are numerous protest actions against Saakashvili, and with the approach of the scheduled parliamentary elections, their scales will only increase. "All marches are peaceful - people do not want blood to shed, but Saakashvili must understand: we will never yield, because the Georgian nation's freedom, its future and honor are at stake," said Dzhamadze. He urged his compatriots to refrain from using force. "If the protests escalate into violence, and worse still, into unrest, Saakashvili will have an occasion to impose the state of emergency and to postpone the elections," said organizer of the action.