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Shoygu: The Ministry of Defence will return to army competent officers

10.12.2012 14:40

The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoygu speaking at a meeting of authorized representatives of president Vladimir Putin with members of the government and Presidential Administration declared that until the end of the current year the guide of the military of department plans to finish formation of new team.

Head of the military of department specified that in new year training to work with new equipment becomes the main objective of Armed forces. The Ministry of Defence plans to return the most competent officers dismissed at the former head of the military of department Anatoly Serdyukov.

S.Shoygu promised to continue to exempt department from non-core functions, such as utilization of arms and military equipment, realization of military property. Probably, since 2013 manufacturers will be already engaged in repair of difficult military equipment.

S. Shoygu also spoke new initiatives of support and development of military medicine in Russia. In particular, the Minister of Defence reported that made the decision on a quartering of medical institutions of military department on all territory of the country and on possibility of restoration in Armed forces of medical companies.