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The USA recognized as terrorists one of groups of the Syrian opposition

11.12.2012 16:05

The USA wrote down in the list of the terrorist organizations one of the Syrian oppositional groups, connected with "Al-Qaeda". The relevant document was published on December 10.

"The Dzhabkhat al-Nusra group was connected with "Al-Qaeda" in Iraq and performed operations in Syria. It is responsible for the organization of attacks of suicide bombers at the Syrian governmental objects", - the representative of State Department Victoria Nuland declared.

Earlier it was reported that the Dzhabkhat Al-Nusra group conducted operations in Aleppo together with "Al-Fadzhr al-Islamiya" crews, "Kataib Akhrar ash-Sham", "Liva at-Taukhid" and "Liva al-Fatah" who as it is considered, treat the oppositional Free Syrian Army.

Let's remind, armed conflict between governmental forces and opposition proceeds in Syria since March 2011. According to different information, during this time in the country were lost from 20 to 30 thousand people. The authorities of the country declare that face resistance of well armed fighters with support from the outside.