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Turkish politician: Syrians defend the rights of people all over the world

15.04.2013 16:27

Director of International Relations at the Turkish Workers Party, Fikret Akfirat said that the Syrians, demonstrating resilience and solidarity with their leadership and coming out against aggression, protect not only their country, but also the right of peoples all over the world.

At a meeting with members of the regional leadership of the pro-Syrian Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, headed by Shahinaz Fakoush he stressed that the Turkish people stand for the restoration of Syria's independence, and for the secular state preservation. Turkish citizens reject the war against Syria. Rather, they stand for maintaining good relationships with SAR.

He said that at a conference in May this year, the establishment of the Union of West Asian countries will be considered. Also, issues of opposition to aggression against Syria will be discussed. Most of the Turkish people want to join the conference, including representatives of the Justice and Development Party.

Akfirat said Turkey too is undergoing war, but it is conducted by other methods. Thus, in the country 450 officers, 100 journalists and businessmen, students and other citizens were arrested for having denounced Erdogan's policy, protested against imperialism and U.S. projects in the region.

According to him, Syria under the leadership of Bashar al-Assad defends the rights of all free nations, including the Turkish. in this case the SAR is losing its best sons. In turn, the Turkish people are looking for ways to support the Syrians.

In his turn, Fakoush expressed confidence that people will ultimately win victory. She noted that Syria, despite the crisis, remains one of the main defenders of all peoples' rights to self-determination, liberty and sovereignty. According to her, at an early date the Syrian people will win thanks to their consciousness and will, SANA reports. The conflict that broke out in Syria in March 2011 has grown into armed clashes of the opposition with government forces. The Western countries by the instrumentality of foreign mercenaries and terrorist organizations try to organize a military intervention in Syria to overthrow the current leadership.