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Chemical weapons were seized from the Syrian opposition in Turkey

10.06.2013 17:56

Russian MFA Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich expressed extreme concern about the reports of the arrest in Turkey of over ten extremists of the al-Nusra Front terrorist group with sarin gas.

As reported by the media, the day before, Turkey's security officials arrested in the province of Adana 12 participants of the Syrian opposition group from which they seized two kilograms of the poison gas sarin. The Syrian government and the armed opposition accuse each other of using chemical weapons. The opposition claims the use of chemical weapons by government forces in Homs in December last year. The Syrian authorities claim that the opposition applied chemical agents in Aleppo, on March 19 of this year.

A Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that this information causes extreme concern. "I want to once again emphasize that Russia considers any use of chemical weapons absolutely unacceptable," he said. A.Lukashevich said that "the Syrian government has repeatedly emphasized that it rules out the use of weapons of mass destruction in an internal conflict."

The diplomat stressed that "Moscow has repeatedly drawn attention to the extreme danger of provocations on the part of terrorist and radical opposition groups with weapons of mass destruction, particularly with chemical weapons and materials, primarily, in order to open the way to an external military intervention in Syria."

"Unfortunately, the mentioned information from Turkey confirms that these concerns may have reason," said A.Lukashevich. "In these circumstances, we consider it particularly important to carry out the necessary investigations, revelation and promulgation of all the details of what happened in order to prevent the terrorists from using chemical weapons against the civilian population and provoking foreign intervention in Syria," he concluded.