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Israel, Saudi Arabia draw US into war

05.09.2013 12:32

Most analysts agree - a blow to Syria will be launched. Disagreements arise only on the timing and magnitude of future military operations.

Note that the Middle East solitaire is not as simple as it seems at first glance. On one hand it was the United States that raised the buzz around the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and it happened not a month or two ago. The famous "red lines" of President Barack Obama became a common noun (in 2012 he called the use of chemical weapons in Syria "the red line, the transition through which will change everything"). And on August 21 it was Washington that raised the buzz at the instigation of Tel Aviv about the possible use of chemical weapons near Damascus. But if you look at the problem a bit wider, it becomes clear that the strike on the Arab Republic could be made back in March, after the use of sarin at Aleppo ? then the excuse was much more obvious.

But Barack Obama is in no hurry with the decision to use military force. And this time the American president makes all possible effort to delay strike on Syria. It seems that in the Syrian issue the United States positioning itself as the only superpower act as extras in the great game of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

For the two countries the resumption of contacts between the United States and Iran that began with the new president's taking power in Tehran is not profitable. The only way to break the outlined normalization is to draw the United States and Iran into military confrontation in Syria even at distance. Everyone understands that the attacks on Damascus will force Tehran to get involved in the conflict, especially as the fighters of the Revolutionary Guard Corps has long and successfully been destroying the rebels of Syrian Free Army.

Within the political elite in the U.S. there is a very strong "war party" which includes the right wing Congressmen and Ministers in addition to military industrial complex lobby. And this party is not acting freely. The interests of the defense industry lobbyists are clear, and the rest of the politics may receive compensation from other sources, including the monarchies of the Middle East. After all, what's a few million dollars spent on the "spur" of the U.S. leaders to take the necessary decisions as compared to excess profits from rising oil prices. When it came to the possibility of military action in Syria a barrel of "black gold" has risen in price by almost a quarter. In case of war, the price by the most optimistic estimates will reach $ 150, and up to $ 200 by pessimistic ones.

The result is that the U.S. president who also is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize serves the interests of the oil kings of Saudi Arabia.

Analysis of recent events shows that the Saudis "have interested" not only American politicians. For only a lot of money may force the UK government to go against the will of their constituents (more than 50% of Britons oppose intervention in the Syrian conflict.) However, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom seeing Obama's unwillingness to go to war decided to take matters into his own hands and introduced to the UN Security Council a resolution on Syria effectively legalizing strikes on Damascus.

With all that without the support of the United States the United Kingdom even with the support of France and Turkey will not dare to start a war in the Middle East. Therefore, peace in the region is now in the hands of Barack Obama. And let's believe that the White House will make the right choice which can be formulated very simply - bring back the Nobel Prize, or get the second one.