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The Baltic Fleet to hold joint exercise with the French Navy

19.02.2014 12:29

Russian and French sailors will conduct a mine warfare exercise in the Baltic Sea in summer 2014. The relevant agreement was reached during the visit of the Baltic Fleet (BF) Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Kravchuk to France at the invitation of Vice-Admiral Jean-Pierre Labonne, commander of the Atlantic maritime area, said press secretary of Western Military district Capt 2 Rank Vladimir Matveyev

In a joint operation commanders discussed bilateral cooperation between the French navy in the Atlantic and the Baltic Fleet. Brest, the main naval base of the French Navy, hosted briefings and talks on cooperation in the field of counteraction to piracy at sea, and the conduct of naval exercises.

Arrangements have been confirmed to involve the Baltic Fleet ships in the Frukus 2014 naval exercise, the Armada 2014 international festival of sailing vessels and warships.

The French side also confirmed the arrival with a visit to the Baltic naval base of Cassiopeia minehunter, French Navy, this summer. The ship is to take part in a mine warfare exercise with one of the Baltic fleet minesweepers.

Baltic Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Kravchuk has visited the Lanveoc-Poulmic airbase, where he got acquainted with service conditions and life of soldiers, inspected samples of active-duty aerotechnics of the French Navy.

The Russian delegation also visited ships of the main naval base of France, as part of the excursion program ? the Portzic Lighthouse and the Landevennec Abbey as well as a Naval Museum of Brest.

Over the past decade the mutual visits of military delegations and ships have become a good tradition in the relations between the two countries' fleets. Since 2003, the Baltic Fleet ships have visited the ports of France 6 times, and the French navy sailors visited 16 times naval bases of the Baltic Fleet.