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Kiev, OSCE ‘observers’ & character pigs

05.05.2014 14:23

Dr. Christof Lehmann

Eight foreign soldiers, four of them from Germany, were caught in an OSCE vehicle laden with weapons and explosives and accompanied by Ukrainian soldiers.

Dressed in civilian attire, they claimed to be OSCE ?Observers?, which OSCE spokesman Claus Neukirch rejected flat out. After their release, western media celebrated the ?hostages? as returning heroes. So, what does all of that have to do with journalists and wallowing character pigs?

The answer is rather simple. Most journalists have chosen their profession because they were inspired by a certain measure of idealism and because they love to dig up dirt.

The problem for the vast majority of journalists, however, is that they neither have a sufficient measure of backbone and courage, nor a sufficient measure of integrity. Consequently, they become ?Character Pigs? or ?Karakterschweine? as a German would call them.

Being an intelligent and easily trainable animal, the character pig quickly figures out why exactly it is, that good old farmer ?Editor? uses the electric rod to punish fellow pigs. Seeing Editor use the electric rod on a fellow character pig, after it wallowed in dirt which Editor designated as ?taboo?, is enough to condition it so much that it runs away squealing, if it only suspects that Editor would raise his eyebrow.

Character pigs. You find them everywhere, in every country. Wherever you see journalists, rest assured, they have the absolute majority among their peers.

Four of the eight men captured in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk were German soldiers from the German Federal Defense Forces' Center for Verification Tasks. One of them Axel Schneider, has the rank of ?Oberst? which is equivalent to a Lieutenant. The others were from, respectively, the armed forces of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Czech Republic.

In an interview, broadcast in the Austrian TV channel ORF, the OSCE spokesman Claus Neukirch was vehement about the fact that these men don't belong to the OSCE Observer Mission in Ukraine. When the journalist asked if the OSCE doesn't, usually, make a risk assessment before sending observers on a mission, Neukirch almost lost his breath and said ?We do that, but they are not our men, not our visitors?. Neukirch added that these men had been deployed on the basis of a bilateral agreement. That agreement was based on an OSCE document. That is all the OSCE has to do with the matter.

As I said before, character pigs are intelligent animals, so it can't have taken any of those among them who are employed by western mainstream media a very long time to figure out that the bilateral agreement must have been one between Germany and the post-coup acting neo-Nazi gang in Kiev. A bilateral contract based on the Vienna Document as cover. An abuse of the OSCE which has discredited the OSCE because it does not unequivocally demand that media withdraw false reports about ?captured OSCE observers?.

Four of the eight men were Germans. It was the German Foreign Ministry that negotiated about their release from the get go. It was a German ? Russian high-level meeting that led to their release under conditions which assured that no Ukrainian ?Pravy Sector? operatives could kill the alleged ?OSCE Observers? so as to blame their death on armed ?pro-Russian separatists? or Russian agents, deployed by Putin, personally of course.

Anyone with empathy can only have the deepest compassion for those character pigs who are working for western mainstream media. Their suffering must be unbearable. Those poor character pigs at the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the CNN, the ARD, the Bild Zeitung, Le Monde, Le Figaro, RAI UNO, and hundreds of other radio and TV channels, newspapers and magazines.

Thousands of suffering character pigs who run away from the mud hole, squealing, because they neither have a sufficient measure of backbone and courage, nor a sufficient measure of integrity to do what they love most of all; to wallow and to dig their nose deep down into the dirt, to dig up that illusive root.

Because Editor knows that the character pig's instinctual drive to wallow and to put their nose into dirt, is their primary motivator, he will use them by allowing them to jump right into the dirt anyway, just as long as they don't dig up that root of truth. He doesn't even have to be explicit about the rules.

The combination of the pig's lack of backbone and integrity and its cowardice is sufficient not to do anything that could ever force farmer Editor to use that electric rod. The result of this so-called journalism would be amusing, was it not for the fact that propaganda sells bloodshed. Let us look at some of their dirty work.

One character pig at Bild.De wrote ?Eight Days of Hostage Hell for OSCE Captives?. The articles asks rhetorically ?How they have been treated? Lieutenant Schneider would rather not talk about that?.

One is almost tempted to ask whether the character pig at Bild.De asked Schneider, because Schneider previously said that they have been in Slavyansk as guests of the mayor for days, that nobody has laid hand on them, and that they have been treated well to the largest extend possible under the given circumstances.

Of course, Bild.De's character pig would never tell that the OSCE vehemently rejected that these men were OSCE observers, but did it really have to insinuate that they had been mistreated while they were guests of the mayor of Slavyansk who assured that nothing would happen to them. The mayor, who probably even prevented that the men were killed by Pravy Sector snipers to blame their death on ?Putin? himself?

The character pig at ?The Guardian?, which is one of the pigs with the greatest denial about its lack of backbone and integrity, writes ?Freed OSCE Observers tell of ordeal during capture in Ukraine?.

Squealing from happiness about the fact that it is allowed to throw mud at ?pro-Russian separatists?, it quotes German Defense Minister von der Leyen as saying that she was ?filled with deep relief that the team had landed unharmed and healthy?. And who would blame her for that. Arguably, Lieutenant Schneider was caught in civilian attire, behind enemy lines and spies are libel to being executed.

Of course, a character pig would not risk that good old farmer Editor raises his eyebrow, so the The Guardian pig was content with its work.

It would be trivial to look at other headlines and articles. Regardless where one looks, whether it is the BBC, the Frankfurter Allgemeine, the CNN, the ARD, the Washington Post, all of them could as well be written by the same pen. One can smell it from afar; the stench of character pigs is overwhelming.

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