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Ukraine bans entry to RT Arabic crew

21.05.2014 12:05

RT Arabic's news crew who arrived in Kiev to cover the upcoming May 25 Ukrainian presidential election has not been allowed into the country and is being sent back to Moscow.

RT's correspondent Anna Knishenko and her colleagues Elderra Khaled and Konstantin Bolshakov arrived from Moscow in Kiev?s international airport Borispol on Tuesday afternoon.

She said three border control officials were asking them the purpose of their visit and the amount of money the journalists had with them and whether they have ever visited Ukraine before. Knishenko said she was also asked her personal opinion about the situation with Crimea ? which joined Russia following the March 16 referendum ? and, also about RT channel.

After "cross-examining" the cameraman and the assistant - which lasted altogether for about an hour - the team was allowed to collect their luggage.

The RT crew was then made to leave for their departure flight, being allowed only to go a cafe and smoking area.

The journalists were not told when their plane would leave and not provided with any other information. Passports will only be returned to them by Aeroflot pilots.