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Kiev govt. accused of genocide against civilians

03.06.2014 14:45

People in eastern Ukraine have accused the Kiev government of committing genocide against civilians.

“This government that is in Kiev is not a government. They are committing genocide on their own people,” said a local man whose neighbor’s house was damaged in attacks by the Ukrainian army in the eastern city of Luhansk.

On Monday, at least 10 people were killed, including several civilians during Kiev’s military activities in Luhansk.

Government buildings and checkpoints in the city held by pro-Russia protesters were targeted by at least two Ukrainian Air Force strikes.

Following the attacks, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that "The authorities in Kiev have committed another crime against their own people."

"Everything that has taken place (there) indicates the downright unwillingness of the Kiev authorities to move towards seeking ways for national accord in the country,” it added.

Earlier in the day, several Ukrainian border guards were also injured in an attack on their camp in the volatile city.

Similar attacks have been carried out by the Ukrainian army over the past few days.

A civilian woman living in eastern Ukraine told Press TV about her cousin that “About four or five days ago bombs landed on the flower market, he was killed by shrapnel and recently buried.”

Another woman also said, “How could we live constantly under bombing, I think people should start thinking, both the new president (Petro Poroshenko) and our militia they need to sit at a table and negotiate.”

Meanwhile, a video has emerged, showing a number of the Ukrainian troops surrendering to the supporters of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Luhansk.

On May 12, Donetsk and Luhansk declared independence following local referendums in which the regions’ residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence from Kiev.

The referendums followed a similar vote in Crimea in March that led to the reunification of the peninsula with the Russian Federation. Nearly 97 percent of participants in Crimea’s referendum voted for rejoining Russia.