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Clashes Between Independence Supporters, Ukrainian Army Continue All Night

10.07.2014 15:08

The clashes between militia forces and Ukrainian troops continued last night in different districts of Donetsk Region, reported representatives of the independence supporters.

"To put it in a few words, our situation can be described as the following: the enemy continues to bring troops to Donetsk, we are trying to prevent that. Our forces remain in control of Seversk on the outskirts of Slaviansk, around which we need to avoid the enemy closing up the circle of Lisichansk and Rubezhniy in Luhansk Region. In turn, we besieged a large group in the south of the region, near the Saur-Mogila," the representative of militia headquarters said, adding that the Ukrainian Army continues to shell the city of Slaviansk and the village of Karlovka, with heavy artillery.

According to the source, clashes continue on the outskirts of Slaviansk and Kramatorsk, from where the main forces of the People’s Republic of Donetsk recently retreated.

"On the way out of the Kramatorsk’s airport [where Ukrainian troops have built up] our group attacked the enemy’s convoy. Three armored vehicles were damaged, 18 people killed. Upon leaving Slaviansk, we disabled two T-64 tanks and liquidated four special forces officers," the representative said.

Dmitry Tymchuk, the head of the Kiev-based Center of Military and Political Research, wrote on his Facebook that a BTR-80 Ukrainian armored vehicle tripped a land mine, injuring five servicemen near the village of Chervonaya Zarya in Donetsk Region. Tymchuk added that a BMP-2 infantry combat vehicle also exploded in the area.

"The ammunition detonated in the vehicle. Two servicemen were killed, six injured," Tymchuk wrote on his account.

According to Tymchuk, independence supporters attacked five checkpoints in different areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions overnight. One Ukrainian soldier was injured.

Kiev has launched a military operation in the east of Ukraine in a crackdown on independence supporters protesting the February regime change and demanding sovereignty after holding referendums. Moscow has labelled the campaign, which has led to numerous casualties, as punitive and called on Kiev to immediately stop the bloodshed.