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UN Ready to Consider Information on Kiev's Use of Prohibited Arms

16.07.2014 14:14

The United Nations says it is prepared to investigate information on Kiev’s use of banned military weapons if appropriate evidence is presented, UN High Commissioner Navi Pillay told on Wednesday.

"Of course, if the facts are presented to us we will look into them," Pillay said.

Pillay said a new report on human rights in regard to the situation in Ukraine would be presented in August. The commissioner did not say, however, that the report would contain information on Kiev’s use of prohibited weaponry.

The eastern Ukrainian city of Horlivka’s militia leader, Ihor Bezler, told earlier that independence supporters were ready to prove to the UN that the Ukrainian Army used prohibited weapons, including cluster bombs.

The use of the cluster munitions is prohibited under the international convention that came into force in August 2010.

The eastern Ukrainian independence supporters have repeatedly argued that the Ukrainian Army uses cluster munitions.