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U.S. CENTCOM Conducted 16 Airstrikes in Syria

24.09.2014 12:00

U.S. CENTCOM said that three airstrikes targeting ISIS positions ins Syria were conducted with U.S. Air Force manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. Since the beginning of the operation against ISIS the U.S. military carried out 16 attacks on targets in Syria.

CENTCOM also posted footage of strikes on ISIS HQ in Ar Raqquah in northern Syria and on jihadis' positions northwest of Baghdad.

The military claimed that the airstrikes resulted in destoying and damaging three ISIS armed vehicles. However, the local residents used social media to claim that the strikes also caused a number of victims among the civilians and destruction of houses.

It was reported, that in the small town of Kafar Deryan, in Idlib 10 people were killed and more than 20 were injured.

Targeting ISIS positions in Syria was a part of the strategy, presented by U.S. President Barack Obama. The plan consists of four major points: a systematic campaign of airstrikes against ISIL, increased support to forces fighting ISIL on the ground, drawing on counterterrorism capabilities to prevent terrorist attacks and providing humanitarian assistance.