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U.S. Leading the World: Mission Impossible

30.09.2014 17:27

The US president Barack Obama made an encouraged and quite optimistic speech within his ordinary address last week.

The main sense of his remarks is to stress that U.S. is still leading the world. The radical "lead" is being repeated five times in the text! That certainly means that the White House is still striving for global leadership in its own geopolitical and economic interests.

Obama said that "America is leading the world in the fight to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL". The reason is related to lasting US efforts aimed at toppling the Bashar al-Assad's government and taking Iraqi oil reserves under control. Nevertheless, there are disputes in even American elite on the possible "pro and contra" of the ongoing strikes and operations to fulfill. The real world community including Asian, European and Arab countries that are no US allies is directly against the U.S. foreign policy in the region which usually leads to numerous victims and violating UN principles and international law.

Moreover Obama's calling a "broad coalition", including Arab nations, to cut off financing of terrorism and to stop the flow of foreign fighters into and out of the region. That might mean that Washington itself should stop supporting "the moderate Syrian opposition" i.e. U.S.-ruled armed rebels. But on the contrary, the White House is expected to increase the number of active fighters of the group.

Surely the U.S. president focused on Ukraine as well. "America is leading the effort to rally the world against Russian aggression in Ukraine," he said. So, what? Washington made attempts to cut the traditional humanitarian, historical, cultural and economic ties between Russia and Ukraine, created a political regime hostile to Russia, reinforced NATO military potential in the region. The White House imposed sanctions on Moscow and initiated worsening of Russian-European relations while pursuing its geopolitical and economic interests. Those steps resulted in internationally strengthening of Russia and contributed to consolidation of its people. In this regard the Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein recently criticized this faulty approach and pointed out the president Putin's public support in the country referring to Russian national character features: "I think if Russians follow him, and up to date they are following him, the Russians are very brave and very long-suffering and they will tough out any economic difficulty."

"America is leading the fight to contain and combat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa," goes on Obama. The question is "Why the U.S. hadn't offered their support in striking the virus earlier, before the epidemic taking into account numerous thousands of victims. Besides, the U.S. had made the vaccines before the situation worsened.

As for global ecological issues, according to Obama, America is "engaging more partners and allies than ever to confront the growing threat of climate change before it's too late." But the point is the U.S. is one of world leaders in greenhouse gas emissions and there's no hurry in fulfilling the Kyoto Protocol paragraphs.

Finally Barack Obama said that "the people of the world look to us to lead". The U.S. president is sure to mean his own world of illusions, the dreams of unipolar world headed by U.S. But the high mission turned out to have been impossible.