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Another gay scandal in Italia

08.10.2014 18:23

According to western media some Italian city governors refuse to obey the central government. A scandal is breaking out around a newly brought ban for municipal registering of same-sex marriages that were registered abroad.

Recently the Italian foreign minister, Angelino Alfano made a special edict for all Italian prefects that tells of the impossibility of registering same-sex marriages in municipal system. According to him, such practice simply contradicts the acting Italian laws (which is true).

A precedent was created in Italian Grocetto (Toscana) where a court made a decision to oblige the local mayor to register a same-sex marriage between to locals that took place earlier in American New-York. Later more of like decisions were adopted in some other Italian cities. Such a simple scheme of same-sex registrations bypassing the law.

It turns out that obligations coming from Rome angered some of the more "tolerant" mayors. For example the mayor of Bologna Virginio Merola publically refused to submit to the minister's decision. He was also supported by Iniacio Mariino, the mayor of Rome, and more other governors.

It's worth mentioning that the adoption of a new law that would support same-sex marriages is being carried out pretty slow because of the disputes in Italian ruling circles. This law has both its supporters and opponents.

It's quite obvious that the super-tolerant Europe now sees solving "popular" gay problems more important than solving key social problems like unemployment etc.