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NATO Secretary General: Ukraine Membership Not On The Agenda

28.10.2014 14:56

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO is not considering Ukraine membership. "The question is not on the agenda," said Stoltenberg.

He also added that NATO 'will continue to support Ukraine and our other partners in our eastern neighbourhood' and stressed NATO's support for Ukraine's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

He also said that NATO aspires to restore relations with Russia with a necessary condition of strengthening the alliance.

NATO has invested a lot in building such a relationship with Russia ever since the end of the Cold War. NATO continues to aspire to a cooperative relationship with Russia. But to get there, Russia would need to want it, and to take clear steps to make it possible It is precisely at this time, when our relationship with Russia is the most difficult since the Cold War,that we need to have greater transparency and predictability," he said.