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US-NATO: operation "Expanding to stifle"

08.12.2014 18:33

Eugene Davidov

Opening a series of expert comments, Konstantin Sivkov, Doctor of Military Sciences, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, said that the task of the US and NATO who consider Russia as an old geopolitical rival, is to "explode" Russia from within, which, in his opinion, "has already begun." He believes that the outcome of this struggle is determined by the ability to take the initiative, fast decision-making and implementing such results in practice. In turn, Sergey Bolshakov, professor of international relations of the Russian Diplomatic Academy noted that this US policy, though not accidental, is a mistake. He sees a reason for this in a lack of experts in US administration who are able to analyze foreign policy decisions. Consequently, there are no serious professionals who could provide reasonable advice for the American rule.

Alex Fenenko, Senior Fellow for the Institute of International Security Problems made it clear that the "cold war" did not end, as Washington has not yet reached its ultimate goal - to deprive Russia of its nuclear capabilities, the guaranteed ability to destroy the United States if they attack.

Furthermore, Konstantin Sivkov attracted colleagues' and journalists' attention to information wars that take place for a long time, and have recently entered into their active phase. Answering "Russian peacekeeper's" question he said that MH-17 theme is a vivid example of such kind of warfare. According to him, accusing Russia of being involved in this tragedy, especially of supplying air defense systems to Donbass militia is a total bluff because the so-called US experts have no professional proof. And the American generals are well aware of this, said the expert. "The sanctions front" deployed against Russia - is another method of influence on mass consciousness, initially charged with a consolidating effect, also called "all together now."

Alexander Gusev, head of CIS countries strategic development center of the Institute of Europe expressed confidence in the fact that in such difficult conditions, Russia will depend on safeguarding and realizing the rich spiritual potential of its people.

Of course, Western politicians and media make different calming semantic accents, commenting on the topic of NATO's military-political activity. Meanwhile, Russian experts' assessments and conclusions speak of the persistent pursuit of the leading Alliance countries to eliminate Moscow as the main geopolitical rival, using military-diplomatic and economic instruments and by unleashing large-scale information wars.