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YPG Take The Majority Of Kobane Under Control

01.01.2015 18:51

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Kurdish forces liberated the majority of Syrian Kobane from Islamic State militants.

YPG fighters could advance in wide areas in the east of Sofyan neighborhood in Botan area located in the south of Ayn al- Arab "Kobani" after violnet clashes with IS, where they could seize about 70% of the city. Thus, the region from the southern outskirts of Ayn al- Arab ?Kobani? to the west of Rash Bookstore, through the center of the security box as far as the west of al- Hal Market and Syrian- Turkish border have become under control of YPG," the Observatory said.

The Kurdish peshmerga and IS militants have been fighting for Kobane since last October, but neither side was able to achieve a decisive victory.