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Independent Greeks Party Leader Calls For Lifting The Sanctions Against Russia

14.01.2015 19:33

A roundtable discussion 'The parliamentary elections in Greece: a change of course and exit from the euro zone' took place in Rossiya Segodnya news agency on Wednesday, January 14.

The discussion was attended by the leader of Independent Greeks opposition party Panos Kammenos, Institute of geopolitical issues Director Philippos Tsadilis, Russian Peacekeeper web review Chied Editor Evgeny Belsky, Russians Abroad Institute Deputy Director Alexander Shchedrin and InfoRos information agency Chief Editor Denis Tyurin.

In his speech Mr. Kammenos stated that sanctions agaist Russia 'contradict the interests of Greek people'. "Due to the sanctions the fruit industry in Nothern Greece is completely devastated. Russian-made air defense system in also in danger, as is Cyprus. Tourism industry was also hurt," Kammenos said.

He also stressed that his party is ready to create a 'working group under the aegis of European Parliament in cooperation with the countries of Eastern Europe', whose economy is also suffering because of sanctions against Russia. "We intend to create a pan-European institution whith the participation of all the political forces, primarily, from Eastern Europe. This absolutely stupid situation hurts us more than it hurts Russia," Kammenos stated.

Right-wing Independent Greeks party is going to participate in a legislative election that will take place in Greece on 25 January 2015. The party calls for cancel of the austerity measures. One of the points of its foreign policy is lifting the sanctions against Russia.