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Cul-de-sac for Kiev forces near Debaltsevo now closed

26.01.2015 15:37

Georgy Levchenko

According to Peacekeeper sources in the Donbass militia, a contingent of about 8000 Kiev troops have been surrounded in the area near Debaltsevo 75km away from Donetsk.

This round-up was made possible by previous succesful actions of Donetsk People's Republic military, who managed to surround Ukrainian troops from three sides, and afterwards, tighten their grip near Svetlodarsk, making Debaltsevo an unescapable 'cul-de-sack' for the junta army.

Another thing in favor of the Donbass militia is the fact that this time, unlike it happened this summer, 'cul-de-sac' has no border with Russia, and so the Ukrainian forces won't be able to retreat to Russian Federation territory to recieve help by will be forceв to answer for the crimes they have committed in Donbass, including the shelling of innocents and all other sort of military provocations so favored by the Kiev junta.

Despite the previous fighting and a quite obvious attempt of the DPR forces to surround the Ukrainian nationalists batallions, Kiev General Staff made no attempts to provide their forces with a safe escape route, practically leaving them in the open against an overwhelming force and with no suplies.

According to our source the Ukrainian forces are currently massively turning themselves into escape from the righteous wrath of Donbass defenders, and are proving quite capable of helping with fighting against their own, more nationalistic 'comrades'.

Seems obvious, that the Ukrainian army, having lost the initial 'bravado' are proving to be what they really are - a disbanded group of people, fooled by their own govrnment an currently having to take their orders from fanatical ultranationalists, who obviously have no idea of how 'strategy' or 'tactic' look like.