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Washington Propaganda Bubble - Within or Without?

02.02.2015 18:51

Georgy Levchenko

Recently we've become the witnesses of the most careless and disastrous foreign policy acted out by todays White House administration that can only be compared with the decision made by G.W.Bush to invade Iraq in 2003.

A breakup with Russia, the fall of Ukraine, and what is becoming more and more possible is a stalemate in European post-crisis recovery these are the real consequences of Obama's adventurism.

However, it seems that Washington overestimated its own rule over Europe. And now it seems possible that the US are not only loosing Russia and BRICS, but are about to lose the EU. Actually it's quite amusing, especially in spite of Victoria Nuland's words spoken to Geoffrey Pyatt on the phone last year.

One after another - Matteo Renzi in Brussels says he won't support further sanctions, Francois Hollande says Moscow is not invading Ukraine and previous sanctions should be lifted. Austrian president Heinz Fisher banned any further sanctions against Moscow and also said he won't support Ukraine EU Association Agreement, which is actually the cornerstone of the conflict.

This neglect, shown by the US towards Europe actually forms the political situation in Ukraine itself. Meanwhile Greece seems to be fighting back against the Western pressure, and becomes a sort of an ally for Russia.

Speaking about politics in Ukraine it's impossible to skip the fact that Petro Poroshenko is actually unable to announce any peace-talks as Ukrainian ultra-nationalists won't let him do it. That why his only option is to provoke an all-out conflict with Russia, to invite the West to that battlefield, and meanwhile stabilize Ukrainian economy.

Speaking about the so-called 'anti-terrorist operation' that Kiev is doing in the East, we see that near-border regions have been turned into highly defensible positions made to protect them against Russia, and when despite all the lies from Ukrainian General Staff the Russians did not come, Ukrainian soldiers found themselves fighting against a well organized militia of local people, who are protecting their homes and their loved ones, and are doing it quite effectively, one might say.

While the mobilization, announced by Kiev goes 'as planned', more and more often Ukrainian solders leave their improvised frontline armed. People in the West of the country, specifically in Volyn region catch the representatives of local administration and police and make them burn the army summons that were planned to be given out to the populace.

This dastardly determination to sacrifice their own people for an ultranationalists' cause only proves our experts' suspicions that Kiev is scared as hell of the return of Ukraine's East into Ukraine. It could be easily understood: no eastern vote would support the acting government, Donbass pacification and rebuilding will only become another burden for Kiev, which is already stuck in debt, and for real, how can a region be pacified without any concessions, one's that won't work with Nazis in Kiev.

So if you ever read about the 'propaganda bubble' which only leaves the US out of itself, you better think twice, and rethink yet again - maybe it's the US that is creating the so-called 'bubble' around their citizens to make them believe once again that Washington is not into destabilizing the world economy in its interest, but is once again fighting 'the good fight', but now against Islam, Russia, and recently even against Europe.