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US Needs Clashes in Donbas to Go on

27.02.2015 15:17

James Jatras, former US Diplomat and US Senate staffer, who now runs a legal firm in Washington D.C which specialises in foreign affairs and human rights, considers that ceasefire in Donbas is unacceptable for Washington.

Commenting the situation in Donbas and Minsk peace agreements the analyst called John Kerry's criticism of Russia "peculiar."
"It is somewhat peculiar that American policy makers are faulting Russia or the anti-Kiev forces in Ukraine for violation of the ceasefire, especially at this point it looks like that the ceasefire is holding," said Jatras.

"It seems to me that what Washington is really afraid of here is not that the ceasefire is failing but that it might succeed," noted the analyst talking about US foreign policy. He added that Washigton wants to disrupt the talks by sending weapons to Kiev: "And my concern is that there are elements in the United States who want to derail the ceasefire by sending weapons to the Kiev regime."