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ICRC: Russia, Ukraine Agree to Assist Donbas Aid Deliveries

27.02.2015 17:05

ICRC President Peter Maurer said Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko have agreed to assist the deliveries of humanitarian aid toDonbas.

"I received a commitment from both President Poroshenko and President Putin that civilians affected by the conflict would have access to humanitarian aid. The implementation of the Minsk agreement will therefore allow the ICRC to further increase humanitarian assistance in the weeks to come," Maurer said Friday after two high-level talks.

Earlier ICRC President said the humanitarian assistance in Ukraine is highly politicized, much alike crisis in Syria: "The conflict in Ukraine is a conflict in which a humanitarian assistance has been highly politicized. This is not the first time when we are experiencing this. We have experienced it in the context of Syrian crisis."

Russia's 16th humanitarian convoy reached Donetsk and Luhansk Friday. It delivered 1,800 tons of aid. It is mostly food: canned meat and fish, sugar and cereals. It includes so important medicines, daily essentials, books and manuals for local students.