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US to Transfer Arms to Ukraine from Afghanistan

11.03.2015 17:55

As part of military aid to Kiev, the U.S. will redirect the equipment and weapons exported from Afghanistan to the territory of Ukraine. The transfer of arms and ammunition is planned to be carried out by aviation and maritime transport.

The first batch of US weapons consisting of 680 tons of ammunition has already been transferred to Georgia by air, then it was loaded on board of the vessel Yasar Abi which called at the Ukrainian ports in Mykolaiv and Ilyichevsk.

Bulgaria could become another channel for the delivery of the US weapons, as sniper rifles are scheduled to be delivered through its territory. The Bulgarian company BULKOMMERS has concluded a contract for the supply of M82A1 and M107A1 rifles and intends to sell the weapons worth 7.5 million US dollars.

Deputy Chairman of the National Security Council of Ukraine Oleg Gladkovsky said earlier on the supply of foreign weapons to Ukraine: "Where there is no fuss, where there is no impact that we, unfortunately, are creating ourselves, we receive lethal weapons from these countries," said Deputy Chairman of the National Security Council late February.