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Lebanon Rejects al-Nusra Proposal on Prisoner Swap

20.03.2015 13:10

The Lebanese government recieved a list of 40 inmates, which al-Nusra Front wants to exchange for servicemen. The list includes the names of three women detained on terror charges.

The Lebanese authorities agreed to release 19 prisoners considered "not dangerous". A number of soldiers and policemen were captured by militants of al-Nusra front and Islamic State in August 2014 during fightings in Arsal, Lebanon's northeastern municipality. Four of the captured were executed, several were released, the rest are still held captive. Islamists have long been negotiating the swap of militants held in Lebanon for Lebanese servicemen.

The al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra), was created January 2012 and has been fighting against the Syrian government. The jihadists want to proclaim an islamic caliphate on Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian territories.