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Moscow: Western Interference in Ukraine

24.03.2015 15:07

Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Tuesday: "The policy of unabashed meddling in the domestic affairs of sovereign states was implemented also in Ukraine where direct US and EU support led to the unconstitutional power change of February 2014 which, in turn, ignited a civil war in southeastern Ukraine."

"Unfortunately, numerous crimes committed against civilians by the Kiev military, the mass killings and the humanitarian catastrophe in Donetsk and Luhansk regions is something those who once bemoaned the human rights abuses in Kosovo just couldn’t care less about," the statement said.

The Ministry called on all of Russia's foreign partners to make the right choice between time-serving political gains and the strategic need for a reliable system of European security, based on the principle of indivisibility, equality and mutual respect: "The sheer logic of global progress and common threats and challenges urgently begs for collective decisions made within the framework of internationally recognized formats," the statement concluded.