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Greek Lawmaker: US and Europe Intervene in Ukraine to Pursue Own Interests

01.04.2015 11:04

Member of the European Parliament for the Communist Party of Greece Sotirios Zarianopoulos said Tuesday the United States and the European Union proceeded with aggressive intervention in Ukraine to pursue the interests of their business groups.

"The US, the EU and NATO are the ones who proceeded with an imperialist intervention in Ukraine in the context of their competition with Russia," he said. "The aggressive intervention in Ukraine — where they (US, EU and NATO) want to enhance the interests of the big business groups which they represent, particularly in the field of energy production and transport, within their competition with Russia — takes place on the basis of this policy," he added.

Zarianopoulos said anti-Russian sanctions have nothing to do with Donbas people's interests, but they reflect interests of the West "and should be abolished immediately."