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Absence in Moscow on V-Day is a Mistake of Those Who Don't Know History

24.04.2015 18:11

Israeli publicist Avigdor Eskin shared his opinion with Radio Sputnik about absence of world leaders in Moscow on Victory Day and Israeli-US relations.

Avigdor Eskin: Some of them will maybe still come, but there is the kind of internal Israeli debate plus the conflict around S-300 supplies to Iran and the unfortunate outcome could be that Israel will be represented just by the Ambassador which I think many Israelis feel would be very poor decision on the side of Israel, because well: we can argue with Russia on everything, from January 1st until May 8th, but not on May 9th, and from May 10th we can argue again about all over the same things until next May 9th, because it’s a special day.

Russia was the world leader, was the – with no question – the most important power to crash the Nazis. Alongside, by the way, with a very brave and very wise British Prime Minister Churchill who was instrumenting this Victory as well as other leaders as well but nevertheless Russia heroes comes first.

And who ever will not be in Moscow on this May 9th, will make a mistake of simply not reading the history.