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US Senator: Counterterrorism, Nuclear Power Cooperation to Сonciliate US, Russia

20.05.2015 12:09

Likely US presidential candidate and Senator Lindsey Graham said countering international terrorism and cooperation on civilian nuclear power could become future areas of collaboration between the United States and Russia.

"I think the threat that Russia faces and that we face from international terrorism is real," Graham said, adding that "there might be some areas to cooperate in terms of peaceful nuclear power." The Senator called Russian civilian nuclear power "sophisticated," and added that he supports "the spread of peaceful nuclear power." The Senator also stated he sees "sharing intelligence and getting on the same page" in the fight against international terrorism as a key area of mutual collaboration between the two countries.

On Monday, Lindsey Graham announced his intention to run for President of the US. According to media reports, he is officially to launch his campaign on June 1, 2015. Graham has been hawkish in condoning what he alleges are Russian actions in Ukraine, and said he would "aggressively sanction" them if he took the US presidency.