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White House: US Unprepared to Conduct War for Ukraine

27.05.2015 15:49

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on Tuesday that The United States is not ready to prosecute a war over Ukraine, but could partner with its NATO allies to help Kiev defend itself against RussiaHe explained the US will assist Kiev in its struggle against Russian violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“The United States is not prepared to go to war over Ukraine. But, at the same time, there may be an opportunity for the United States and our NATO partners to help them confront the threat that they’re facing from Russia.” When asked if Washington will tell Kiev to solve these problems itself, just as it recently told leaders of Iraq, Earnest said the situations are much different, because Iraq is dealing with a terrorist organization while Ukraine is being menaced by a large nation-state on its border: “I guess one thing that’s true in Iraq that is also true in Ukraine is that the United States is standing by our Ukrainian partners.”

According to Earnest, US President Barack Obama will likely discuss the crisis in Ukraine when he travels to Europe to attend the G7 meetings next week. In May US Congress passed a defense budget bill that will allocate $300 million in lethal defensive weapons for Ukraine government forces. US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said on May 6, 2015, that the US has equipped Ukraine government forces with defensive arms to counter independence supporters in eastern Ukraine.