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British Queen said UK to 'Maintain Pressure' on Russia Over Ukraine

27.05.2015 16:39

Queen Elizabeth II said Wednesday that the new UK government will "maintain pressure" on Russia over Ukraine when unveiling the first all-Conservative legislative program in nearly two decades.

"My government will maintain pressure on Russia to respect territorial integrity of Ukraine," Elizabeth II said, adding that the government will continue supporting the full implementation of the Minsk peace agreements. On May 7 the Conservative Party won a landslide victory in general elections. Russia’s relations with the European Union, including the United Kingdom, greatly deteriorated amid the Ukrainian crisis. The West has imposed anti-Moscow sanctions over its alleged involvement in Kiev’s internal affairs.

Great Britain has been supporting the continuation of sanctions against Moscow, and sending non-lethal equipment and military instructors to Kiev. Russia has repeatedly denied the allegations of fueling the conflict between Kiev and independence supporter.