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US Gives 245Mln of Security Aid to Kiev

28.07.2015 14:59

US Ambassador in Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt said that Washington gave Ukraine 245 million as assistance in security sector.

Washington has provided 245 million worth of security-related aid in the to Ukraine, US Ambassador in Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt said Tuesday.

"We do not believe there is a military solution to this conflict in Ukraine, but we do believe Ukraine has a sovereign right to defend its own territory. That is the logic of our security sector assistance, which has now reached 245 million," Pyatt said in a telephone conference.

According to the ambassador, the same logic applies to the US training program for Ukraine's National Guard. Pyatt noted US cooperation with several European and NATO countries, such as the United Kingdom, in strengthening Ukrainian armed forces.

The United States has been providing Kiev with non-lethal military assistance since the conflict in Ukraine began last year.