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US Assures Turkish Army to Stay Out of Syria

29.07.2015 10:34

A senior US official said during conference call with journalists that the creation of a safe-zone along an ISIL-controlled border area with Turkey will rely on moderate Syrian rebels, and will not involve Turkish ground troops.

“This is not going to involve, as Turkey has said, Turkish soldiers. There’ve been rumors… that is not the case,” a senior US official said. “It is going to involve moderate opposition groups on the ground that can manoeuvre, that we can coordinate with, that we can work with to fight Daesh (ISIL).”

US and Turkish officials are still working out the details of a plan to clear the Islamic State from a 68-mile-stretch of along the Turkish border, the senior official said. The plan would cut off outside supply routes for Islamic State after Syrian Kurdish fighters, backed by US airstrikes, have pushed the terrorist group from a large stretch off the Turkish border. “We have agreed to sit down with Turkey and look at ways that we might be able to organize moderate opposition fighters in coordination with us and the coalition to clean out this last stretch of border,” the senior official explained.

Turkey’s decision to open up Incirlik airbase will provide the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition greater logistical access to carry out airstrikes in Syria as well as gather intelligence.