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New Russian Maritime Doctrine Scares NATO

30.07.2015 12:31

The United States and other NATO members "should be very concerned" about Russia's new maritime doctrine issued in response to the alliance's continued eastward expansion and escalating military buildup and they will surely "try and talk it down," naval expert Peter Roberts said.

The document, reflecting Russia's growing maritime power, "is clearly focused at NATO. It claims to be a response to NATO's actions right up at its borders," a senior fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) asserted.

What the former Royal Navy officer might perceive as Russia's hidden concerns regarding NATO has actually a solid foundation. For instance, the United States has allocated almost 1 billion dollars for the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) to boost its military presence, intensify war-games and increase rotational presence of US forces in Europe using a non-existent Russian threat as a pretext.

Russia has repeatedly voiced its concerns that NATO's blatant muscle flexing could undermine fragile security and stability in a region ones plagued by devastating wars and violence. The alliance, many say has long since turned into an offensive bloc, remains deaf to these concerns prompting Russia to boost its defense.

Russia's new naval code, approved by Vladimir Putin on Sunday, outlines four functional and six regional areas, comprising the Atlantic and the Arctic (named as key regions), as well as the Pacific, the Caspian Sea, the Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

"I think one of the most interesting things about the new Russian naval doctrine is its huge expanse. It's an enormous amount of ground that the Russian Navy now expects to cover," Roberts told Sky News.