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Syrian Ambassador: US Coalition Using ISIL to Reach Own Goals

11.08.2015 15:40

In late June, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested the Syrian leadership to join forces with regional countries, such as Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, to tackle the ISIL.

"When we speak about the initiative brought forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin, we have to remember that it came after it was understood that the coalition led by Washington was not created to fight against ISIL but to fight with the help of ISIL and similar groups," Haddad told journalists.

The ambassador called on the international community, especially the countries involved in the "bloodshed taking place in Syria," to change their positions.

The ISIL militant group has taken over large areas of Syria and neighboring Iraq in 2014.

An international coalition led by the United States has been launching airstrikes against the militants' positions in both countries. However, Washington had not sought approval from Damascus prior to launching the aerial campaign in Syria.

The coalition also trains "moderate" Syrian opposition to fight against the group, as many Western countries consider the country's leadership to be illegitimate.