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Soldiers against Pentagon

05.12.2006 10:35

The situation in Iraq is aggravating. Persistent efforts of Washington to solve the Iraqi problem by force only increase the American death toll and peaceful casualties in Iraq.

The US Command in the zone of conflict understands that the situation is out of coalition force control long ago, and the civil war in Iraq is escalating. In spite of a declaration adopted by the Sunni and Shiah leaders they failed to avoid contradictions that are mainly settled by force. The conflict between the combatant units transforms into armed clashes accompanied with acts of terror and kidnapping of top-ranking officials of both sides.

Late in October two Shiah religious leaders were kidnapped. Kidnappers demanded 600 thousand Dollars for their release. In response the Shiites kidnapped a deputy chief of Sunni chancery. In so doing, armed violence to the peaceful people escalates at an unpredicted pace. Analysts forecast that after 10-15 years the Iraqi population will decrease more than 2-fold because on the average 30-40 men and 50 and more innocent women and children are killed daily in armed clashes and operations of coalition forces.

Against this background a new campaign to bring American soldiers home from Iraq is gaining momentum in the United States. For instance, recently the US militaries who went through “the Iraqi chopper” and demand immediate withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq launched in Washington non-governmental movement “Appeal for Troop Withdrawal from Iraq”.

According to participants of the campaign, the causes that made them expressly support the steps against the Iraqi war include: radical deterioration of the situation in Iraq, escalation of the civil war, lengthy nature of the operation lacking visible success, reluctance to be “an occupant”, high risk to life and health of the American militaries themselves as well as their evident moral decay and readiness to “pillage and empty-headed violence”.

Pentagon and White House are concerned with the developments and consider this public organization a threat to national security and factor of military discipline deterioration.

Similar movements were effective in the USA in the early 70s during the Vietnam War and incorporated more than 250 thousand militaries. America remembers the result very well. Organization “Appeal for Troop Withdrawal from Iraq” is going to consolidate 3 – 5 times more militaries than it was in the period of the Vietnam War.