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Satellite Photos Fuel US Hysteria Over Russian Presence in Syria

15.09.2015 10:38

Western media sound the alarm over new surveillance photos that allegedly show the expansion of an airfield in Syria for Russian aircraft.

Last Thursday, Stratfor, a for-profit intelligence company, published satellite photos showing "signs of a growing Russian military presence" in Syria. But is Stratfor a reliable source? According to Brian Becker, national coordinator for the ANSWER coalition, the answer is no. With notorious ties to the CIA, Stratfor is known for using manipulative rhetoric to drum up profit-driven hysteria.

Take the first paragraph of the company's latest report, for instance, which confirms "Russia's Expanded Presence in Syria:"

"Satellite imagery of the Bassel al Assad International Airport in Latakia, Syria, confirms reports of sustained Russian military transport flights to the Syrian airfield, where the Russians appear to be establishing a base of operations," the report reads.

As Becker points out, this sentence proves very little, but uses clever word choice to convince readers of "truths" that Russia has never even denied.