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The US Are Only Pretending to Fight IS

17.09.2015 15:20

Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN, Bashar Jaafari said that the US are only pretending to combat "Islamic state" (IS), while Syria and Russia are making real efforts in this direction.

"Only the Syrian army, Russia and some of our other friends tell the truth when they say that they are fighting terrorists - whether it's IS, "Al-Nusra" or any other group," - said Jaafari.

According to the diplomat the White House is using IS as a pretext to interfere in Syria's internal affairs. US are not enacting the declared support for the Iraqi army, which does not have enough weapons to effectively counter terrorists.

"Russia should be given the right to strike on the Islamic state's positions in Syria, just as it's being done by the US-led coalition," - said the permanent representative.

US counteracts the "Islamic state" in the framework of the strategy presented by Barack Obama in September last year. The plan of the American president comes down to four main points: systematic air strikes on IS positions; increased support for the forces opposing IS in the region; counter-terrorism measures and the provision of humanitarian assistance to victims of terrorist activities.

According to experts, Washington's proposal to form armed groups of the so-called "moderate opposition" that would equally fight against the Assad regime and the IS will result in Islamists (i.e. actual IS allies) takeover in Syria.