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Syrian 'Moderate Opposition' Gets Money&Weapons From Jordan&Turkey

08.10.2015 20:24

Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoubi said Thursday that several armed groups operating in Syria, which the West considers to be moderate opposition, are receiving outside help, including from operations centers in Turkey and Jordan.

"Terrorist groups which Washington calls moderate get all kinds of foreign help – funds, modern weapons, management, and governance. The operation centers in Turkey or Jordan are the evidence of this," Zoubi said.

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war four and a half years ago, the United States and some of its allies have supported what they term "moderate" armed Syrian opposition factions, as they do not believe Syrian President Bashar Assad to be the country's legitimate authority. An international anti-Islamic State coalition, led by the United States, has been training some of these groups, as well as providing them with arms.

Damascus has repeatedly accused Ankara of providing support to extremist groups operating in Syria. In April, the Syrian Foreign Ministry accused Turkey of providing direct logistical and military support to terrorist organizations, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar were accused of facilitating the infiltration of foreign militants into the country.