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MH17 Crash Investigation Second Round

16.10.2015 17:05

Evgeniy Davidov

Rosaviation head deputy Oleg Storchevoy, help a press conference yesterday, and voiced Russia's position MH17 flight crash investigation and the report of the Dutch Security Council on the causes of the tragedy.

According to Storchevoy, Russia "strongly disagrees" with the Dutch Council's conclusion. According to him, the experts "adjusted results" to support a pre-selected version.
Noting the illogical presentation, he noted that the provisions of the report only reproduce Netherlands' position. Storchevoy drew attention to the fact that many of Russian comments on the draft document were not taken into account.

Then the head of Federal Air Transport Agency was extremely specific. He said that during the investigation a full examination to determine the grade of steel for the submunitions was not carried out.

"Almaz-Antey's" calculations on the missile launch location are simply torn out of context. Whilst the location of the launch area is based on "incorrect interpretation of the plane/rocket meeting consequences" by the Dutch comission.

Dutch experts ignored "Buk" missile system's characteristics previously declassified by the Russian side.

Moreover, according to Oleg Storchevoy, information about "Buk" missile fragments found at the crash site was concealed from the Russian side, and it only became known at a meeting in August this year.

No analysis on the flow of anti-aircraft missiles in service of the Ukrainian army was carried out.
The head of Federal Air Transport Agency had a lot more critisizm on the Netherlands' report, the course of the investigation in general and Russia's participation.

However, he agreed with the Dutch colleagues' conclusion on Ukraine's responsibility for not closing the airspace above a civil war area.

Storchevoy told "Russian peacekeeper" that the international community needs to proceed with further investigation on the basis of trust and fair treatment to obtain the final objective conclusions about the causes of the disaster, especially taking into account the different views on the progress and outcome of the investigation.

However, the prospects for such cooperation with Western partners, cause serious doubt. Recall the tragedy of 2001over Crimean skies, where the Ukrainian air defense shot down a Russian passenger airliner Tu-154. A month later the causes and culprits of the disaster were finally found. 

MH17 crash investigation is prolongated and shows obvious political overtones. Apparently, culprits wage on "talking the hind leg off a donkey" and deliberately made use of extensive commission findings to manipulate Western public opinion and eventually accuse Russia of involvement in the tragedy. 

Now when the idea of an international tribunal, set to become a tribune of public punishment for Moscow, has not passed, other options for new information attacks on Russia are taken into consideration. For example, a criminal investigation, an International Criminal Court session, or national legal institutions of Western countries whose citizens were killed can be used to exert pressure on Moscow. The Western media, of course, will pick up the theme again...

However, the response to all these manipulations by the crash victims is not taken into account, whereas they have sued Ukraine. Some of the relatives of the victims have already ordered their own investigation from powerful detective agencies. No doubt they will not allow hiding the perpetrators of this tragedy. And Russia will help them.