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Russian Support For Assad Unchanged

23.10.2015 13:31

Russian Prime Minister said that Russia’s position on Syria has never wavered and Moscow will continue to support the only legitimate power in the country.

On Tuesday evening, Syrian President Bashar Assad made an unannouced visit to Moscow to hold talks with senior Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev.

Unlike certain Western countries, including the United States, Russia recognizes Assad as the legitimate authority in the country, stressing that the Syrian people are free to choose their leadership without outside intervention.

Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011. Forces loyal to Assad have been fighting several opposition factions and numerous militant groups, including the Islamic State (ISIL).

Moscow has been providing military and humanitarian aid to Damascus in a bid to help the people of the war-torn country.

In late September, Russia began precision airstrikes against IS positions in Syria at Assad's request.