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Chinese Media Mocks Obama Warship Maneuvers

29.10.2015 14:16

China's state media mocked President Obama over the US warship maneuvers in the South China Sea, as the country's netizens called for outright military action.

US President Barack Obama has "everything but the guts" to challenge China's claims in the South China sea, and its recent warship maneuvers are "bragging about its military prowess at China's doorstep," the Chinese ruling Communist Party's Global Times said in a Thursday editorial.

The US Navy's USS Lassen patrol ship breached Chinese waters on Wednesday, coming within 13 miles of a disputed Chinese island in the South China Sea. Chinese media initially made a restrained response to the violation of its waters, but ramped it up as US officials said that they would continue the practice.

The article also said that US provocations may force Beijing to militarize the region, which it has not done so far out of restraint. Not recognizing the waters as Chinese, a US Navy official told AFP on Tuesday "We will do it again. We sail in international waters at a time and place of our choosing."

"Washington should keep in mind that it really doesn't want China to transform these reclaimed islands into outposts to deal with the intrusions by US warships," the Global Times article added.

While Chinese media made a restrained response against the violation, it transitioned to less veiled threats of militarizing the islands, as well as mockery of US President Obama, who would not respond to the moves.

In Chinese social media, meanwhile, netizens believed that it was already time to act.

"The Americans are at our doorstep. Denouncing them again is useless," one user wrote on China's Sina Weibo social network, reflecting the general mood.