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Tony Blair Accused Over Cover-Up of Report on Illegal Iraq War

02.11.2015 17:00

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is coming under even more pressure over his decision to join the US and invade Iraq in 2003, after it was revealed ministers were told to burn and destroy a document which warned - on the eve of the invasion - that the move would be illegal.

There have been rumors circulating for years that, in the run up to the invasion of Iraq, Blair's Attorney General Lord Goldsmith had written a legal advice note saying that the invasion could be ruled illegal under international law, without a UN resolution.

Days before the invasion, Lord Goldsmith appeared to mollify his advice, in public, but there have been calls ever since for it to be published. It forms part of the inquiry into the invasion under Sir John Chilcot, who said his report would eventually be published in June or July 2016.

Now it has emerged that when Lord Goldsmith's legal advice was delivered to cabinet ministers, they were told to: "Burn it. Destroy it."