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This is How Washington Wants to Gain Military Edge Over Russia

03.11.2015 12:16

Washington is developing a global missile defense system to achieve military supremacy over Russia, Russian envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko asserted.

"Unfortunately, the chance to create a truly global missile defense system was wasted. This system would not have been based on a specific alliance, but would instead efficiently protect against real missile threats, not imaginary ones. NATO refused to pursue this mostly on ideological grounds," he told Rossiya-24 TV.

Grushko also mentioned a recent missile defense exercise in Europe. The participants were tasked with intercepting a ballistic missile, as well as a number of cruise missiles.

This scenario shows that "the system which is currently under development is not meant to counter the so-called 'nuclear threat from Iran,'" he noted. "Unfortunately, the US is actually developing its missile defense system in an attempt to gain military superiority over Russia."