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London Heats Up Russian-British Relations

11.11.2015 17:00

UK (and the US) has included Russia in the list of major threats to the country in its new national security strategy. Moscow stands in the same list with such phenomena as international terrorism, migration from the Arab world and global challenges of health care.

Among the reasons for such a hostile step London named not only the "Ukrainian question", but also Russia's participation in fighting against ISIS in Syria. Britons are also worried by the growing number of border-guard troops in the Kaliningrad region.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" military observer, retired Colonel Victor Baranez spoke with the "Russian peacekeeper" about this decision of the British government.
"The inclusion of Russia into the main threats to the national security of the United Kingdom is another voice in the chorus of Russian foes who do not agree with its policy neither in Ukraine nor in Syria. This kind of rhetoric against Moscow only leads to further expansion of the military-political chasm that develops between world powers against the background of Ukrainian, Syrian and many other conflicts,"- he believes.

According to Baranets, "all anti-Russian rhetoric conducted by London is very similar American politicians' statements. Sometimes I get an impression that all these statements are written by one person. Since long England, especially in the framework of NATO, acts in a kind of a White House "watchdog" that loudly "barks" on Russia when it's needed.

However, such statements raise the heat of Russian-British relations, thereby diminishing a "light at the end of the tunnel", which could be seen in a common reasonable understanding of the global military-political situation in the world" - said the expert.

"If one day, Obama and Cameron will publicly acknowledge Russia as one of the main world powers, they are to commit suicide on the same day. Therefore, they are trying to prick Moscow time after time. But after Kremlin's actions in Syria showed the world it's political and military power. Russia has dispelled the myth and the false image that Western countries have created for themselves.

In Syria Moscow has intercepted a strategic initiative in the fight against ISIS. And this is the real course of actions. And the more obvious western policy is revealed as cheap lies, the angrier become European politicians' statements", - concluded Baranez.