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First time in our history government of Montenegro is taking action against our historical ally – Russia

30.11.2015 20:26

Vladimir Bojovic, the chair of the organization "Matica Srpska", told about the latest protests against accession of Montenegro to NATO that took place in the Montenegrin town Niksic. In the event participated, according to the organizers, about 20000 people.

Bojovic said:"The people spoke against antidemocratic government of Milo Djukanovic. There were very strong police units. They were surrounding municipality building of Niksic and some other important buildings. Though there were no incidents between protesters and the police."

He added: "We started from the Church of Niksic and walked on the main street of Niksic, up to municipality building. I suppose these protests were the wonderful action of people who try to meet some changes, improvement in their life. The protests were completely peaceful."

Vladimir Bojovic stressed that the protesters speaking on possible Montenegro's integration into NATO had said it had been the first time in their history when the government of Montenegro was taking action against their historical ally – Russia.

With the multiplied steps aimed at dragging Montenegro into NATO other anti-governmental protests are expected to take place in Podgorica very soon.