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Rodrigue Khoury: West wants to destroy Montenegro from inside to block Russia

12.12.2015 16:39

Rodrigue Khoury, president of the Levant party, Lebanon

We believe that the West is doing everything to block Russia. Following the US President’s speech at the UN, 24th September 2014, we were really shocked by Barack Obama's ranking of international threats: deadly Ebola virus top, followed by so-called Russian aggression and ISIS in Syria and Iraq only third... That means that the West considers Russia as a threat, even more dangerous than ISIS.

Thus, we can understand the Western policy. That's why they are supporting the racists in Ukraine. That's why they are supporting the rebels in Syria. They are creating problems everywhere.

The situation in Montenegro is an episode in a big scenario. The West wants to destroy Montenegro from inside by convincing the government to accept 180.000 Muslim refugees from the Middle East as a condition to integrate Montenegro into NATO!!!

They want to destroy Montenegro from inside, to "block Russia" and to loose its zone of influence to isolate Russia.